Foreign Currency Account (FCA)


  • No establishment fees
  • Online access
  • Minimum Balances apply

  • Competitive interest rates. Conditions apply

  • Option to re-invest interest paid with principal or paid to a nominated account
  • Account keeping and transaction fees may apply



  • On-Call
  • Easily accessible funds to pay for travel, education or other offshore expenses or investments (subject to Bank of PNG regulations)
  • Flexibility to exchange foreign currency to Kina at a time of your own choice
  • Foreign currency can be held in anticipation of favorable exchange rates
  • Can be used as security against loan transactions
  • Foreign currency accounts can be used by business entities or individuals

How to apply

  • At your nearest BSP branch or through your Relationship Manager.
  • A Kina Account must be held.
  • BSP's identification and document requirements apply to individuals and business entities, with a minimum opening deposit.

Requests for Foreign Currency Accounts require BPNG approval. Refer to following documents for more information:


Fees and charges

Service and transaction fees apply on Foreign Currency Accounts.